We are both trained and experienced birth doulas that assist you in preparing for your birth. We provide emotional support, physical comfort, an objective viewpoint and knowledge and resources to you and your partner before, during, and after the birth of your child. We will empower you to make decisions that fit with who you are and create positive birth memories for you and

your partner.

One of us will be your primary doula with the other providing back up service. Your primary doula will visit you in your home for prenatal visits at least twice prior to your birth, in which we will help to facilitate decisions with caregivers, creation of birth plans and preparations for birth.

Your primary doula will stay by your side throughout your entire labour as soon as you decide you would like her there. Your back up doula will attend one prenatal visit and assist during labour if the primary doula is unable to attend. We will make at least one postnatal visit to your home. We are available to you by phone or email anytime during the months leading up to birth.

We are willing to negotiate a sliding scale for payment depending on your financial circumstances. 50% of whatever fee is decided upon will be due at your first prenatal visit with the balance due at your postnatal visit.


What We Provide